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'The Wedding People' is a podcast for couples who are getting married and might need a helping hand, inspiration, or just simply comfort that they are not alone!


Join Rianna and Rebecca, two wedding and event planners based in London, as they chat about each element of planning your own wedding. The Wedding People Podcast offers tips, tricks and recommendations, as well as useful insights into wedding planners secrets.


You'll hear honest straight up advice, which may include the occasional F bomb.




Growing up, I went from wanting to become a nurse to an actress, I eventually settled on popstar! After years of working in the entertainment industry, which included dressing up as Peppa Pig at children’s parties and wearing sparkly outfits in a 4 piece girl band, I entered into the wonderful world of weddings and events.


Several years later, I have been lucky enough to organise lavish parties in Florence, intimate weddings in historic London venues as well as creative, immersive events. Whilst celebrating my 30th last year, I did not expect my partner Oliver to get down on one knee and propose, finally I was the bride to be! The next step was obviously to become parents, Murphy our Border Terrier joined our family and has fast become our favourite thing in the world.


Combining puppy training, planning my own wedding as well as other peoples, it has been quite a busy 12 months! Naturally I decided to become a Podcast Co-Host with the lovely Rebecca and also quit my full time job, taking the next step as an independent planner and freelancer. No point doing things by halves is there!

As an avid foodie I love to eat my way around the UK, my favourite spots being The Cotswolds, Yorkshire and of course our fabulous city of London. 





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I love what I do, it's such a large part of my life, but I do have life outside of work (sometimes). At the time of writing this, I am on week one of living in a house which myself and my Partner are renovating in Rochester, Kent. 

I love this area, but I have a strong tie to Glasgow. My Mum is Scottish, so I do my best to visit a few times a year. I don't know if it's the accent or what, but I love it there. 

I really enjoy doing anything creative, but I'm also a bit of a nature freak. I can't wait to get stuck into creating a BBQ worthy garden for summer. My perfect Sunday morning is spent walking my dog Treacle, especially if I've been out with my other love the night before, cocktails. 

I can be won over with Thai food and a good (not always good) bottle of wine (Fraser, if you're reading this, take note). I have a real passion for travel. That might mean backpacking sometimes, but it's allowed me to see so much of the world. 

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