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Our Services

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If you're interested in us being your wedding planners, take a look at the options below.

We will both work with you to create your wedding day, giving you twice the fun for the same cost.

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In need of a bit of a helping hand?

We offer a wedding consultation/help line, where you can ask us whatever you like. Maybe you want someone to check your schedule, or you just want to ask how much alcohol to order. 

On The Day

Got all the planning sorted, but want to make sure there's someone to make sure everything runs smoothly on the day? 

We got you.


Do you work for a business which needs a cool CEO dinner? Or maybe you want a wicked baby shower, or proposal, or elopement. 

We can do that too! Get in touch to discuss more details.

Full Planning

Supplier sourcing, venue finding, negotiations, budget management, design creation, logistics, briefing... you name it, it's covered.

Full planning will enable you to chill out and just deal with the fun stuff.

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